What is writing about?

This is a separate page because I want it to be an encouragement to all people to write. Whether anyone sees it, doesn't see it, it is so important to find a place outside of our heads to have as a way to address the swirls and lists, planning and intimate concerns, depths, and genius. It is a way of moving, freeing or witnessing ourselves. It can have structure, or not. We can break the rules or judgements that may be hindering this as an option. You can put it on slips of scrap paper and destroy them later, you can make them embellished and lovely, they can be serious and heavy where the masks or efforts can be set aside, they can be written on unlined paper so you can write large, small, in shapes, or all of these on the same page or turn the page, or write on several pages -- so... consider a revisit of writing if it is something that you left behind with school or another time. 

I am building some classes, workshops for us to boost these practices because I've taught them in person, and they are always helpful. Even for those who "don't write" we all write. If you are interested in private writing time with me, drop me a line.

Writing by the Water

My writing is poetry, short form essays, memoir, fiction short story, and inspirational guidance. 

I think I write because I have to. It stays in my head, rolling like one of those intricate marble climbing dropping cool machine thingies. I feel surprised when I read what I write, as if someone else wrote it. I hear other people say that about their things too. 

I am always interesting and giddy to find out what's going to happen, as if I have no idea. I mostly don't. 

. . .

I do write about deep things, in areas as you can guess, those moments in moments, that crack eternity and infinity open, at least for me, somehow, that we all understand, but can sum up in a nod, or a look, a small expression, yet it's a universe. We don't have to even speak the same language, be the same age or live in the same centuries,

or be the same species.


We are in a timeless space, even if it's silly,

and certainly when it's not. 

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