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Wholeness Moments

guiding creations of events to honor life's changes

There are events in our lives that we tell time by, or rites of passage as we move from one place, condition, awareness, community to another understanding, role, commitment. 

Creating a space with others, of even with our own selves privately, to witness, honor, and step through can create a sense of sacredness, a deeper wholeness. It can be difficult to know where to start, or how to bring the ideas together into flow. This is where I have the experience and skills to be able to help. 

Examples of Events

Why Do I Love This?

Watercolor Leaves

While I have the legal authority to conduct weddings, funerals and other events do not require any legalities for someone to hold, although it is great if there is someone who has a guiding, trained hand available to comfort and help create the sacredness from within to these moments.

When I look at the needs of people who come to me, many are not connected to a church like community, but are wanting to have some spiritual or ceremonial events in their lives and are unsure how to go about this. As an interfaith minister, I have an understanding of many faiths, and no faith as a wholeness and can bring this, some coaching, as well as my artistic and writing abilities into a space. I've created and helped design many ceremonial spaces for people. I realize, I don't always need to be there, like the dance instructor that teaches the Mother/son, Father/daughter, Marriage couple how to dance, yet doesn't attend, I can instruct people and counsel on creating their voice for their event and

be on stand by for any needs as they arise along the way.

This respects the changing spiritual and social needs of many. 

I have a deep love for rites of passage, for marking moments, for connecting with the wholeness inside of each of us. I believe when we can learn to witness our true selves and express it in some outward way, we are living our devotion to our lives more honestly.

When we create a ritual or ceremony or an event of importance, we recognize we have achieved a place in our selves and in life, and are committing to be that person. A ceremony that conveys our true selves can uphold this, like a good meal feeds the soul in ways we can't explain.

Why do we hunger for beauty? 

Sentio ergo sum

Colorful Branch
Watercolor Leaves

Create Something YOU

Traditional or Not or Both? We can create into this. I am your ritual guide or coach. Your voice, your way.

We pull it together, together.

I am your scribe and story teller wizard.