Residential Garden

Wholeness Arts

A gate to our courses, groups, discussion places, explorations and discoveries. Here is where we witness, make movement, with our relationships to inner selves, our outer selves, and our greater being in the world, our wholeness, our connections.

Think of Within Moments as our intimate place where I offer direct services in partnership with your needs and inner spaces, and Wholeness Arts where we activate, can gather, form community around your growth and needs, our outer integrations. Inner processing needs a certain amount of air and community to reach a voice, a place of wholeness, a circle and cycle. It is why the arts of any sort is so relatable and timeless.

Wholeness is our birthright. We know it. We have paths to it. The arts is a gift in that it is a language we all share, not a gift in the sense of a talent only for a few. The art and writing in our time together is actually secondary. These are not art or writing courses. They are vehicles to our knowing and trusting ourselves in ways we are deeply asking for and another way we connect.  

Let me show you if you are curious but unsure. You are about to surprise yourself with what you can access and create.  And if you already know, we can deepen this experience together with our combined walk. 

~ Birdi Wholeness Arts Coach 


These are examples of classes (and others) in development RIGHT NOW - coming soon. Also, live virtual community groups and meet-ups around specific topics will be a part of what we do in this space.
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I am so excited to meet with you all in these rich ways. 

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