Tiara Zen

the wonders of tiara

One should never underestimate the power of a tiara... the strength in beauty, joy, kindness, creativity and loveliness.

Tiara Zen is specifically for any moment that needs a boost of inner strength and core truth. In the moment, a reminder of our essential self being whole and OK. Mowing the lawn, having the flu, thinking new thoughts, holding your power. Please don't ask me to make one for your wedding or prom so that they are used once and not again. They are all one of a kind or even custom. They easily have well over 250 Swavorksi crystals and may have other natural elements and bits in them. I have a truly special place in my heart for these when I make them.

No photo will match their magic and twinkle.

I love them. Each of them. I love you too.

Be Bold, Be Curious, Be Yourself, Be Connected, Be Kind. 

~ Birdi

Ideas Up Close

Beautiful Things,

Beautiful Thoughts

This is my Thinking Tiara.

I made it one day when I needed help having clear thoughts. I wear it often when I'm painting, writing, doing thought things. It has my favorite things represented.

What can I make for you and your Thinking Tiara?