Spiritual Counselor

What does that mean?

In spiritual counseling sessions or coaching, and any classes and materials I may create to support you, the primary focus is on respectful, engaging healing and discovery, using a number of tools and a wholistic model of compassionate care.

It is not "diagnose and treat" as is in the traditional counseling/psychology model.

As an experienced interfaith practitioner and ordained minister and therapeutic arts specialist, I have no affiliation or agenda with any religions underlying in our work together.

Together, we will be within your personal spiritual beliefs, cultural models and foundations and embrace them into our work toward our identified goals. 

We can address such topics as loss, grief, life changes and transitions around health, career or personal development, personal and spiritual crisis and understanding, goal setting, PTSD, LGBTQA, non-clinical depression and anxiety, couple and family structures: merging or separating, and many other personal and spiritual dynamics, life's challenges and more everyday decisions and growth. 

I have varied training, experience that I continue to build upon, currently completing my dissertation as a doctoral candidate /D.Min. My skills and ideas are designed to meet you as an individual and share strategies with you to work toward your goals, explore your needs.

Together, in perhaps an unconventional but grounded way, in one meeting or several, we can have some new strategies for you to consider.  Your spiritual beliefs are your own, your gender and sexual orientation is accepted and respected. Your race, culture, diversity, immigration status, background, are welcome. Come as you are.

Because the word "spiritual" is here in my description, I want to be very clear, I have no will to modify your beingness into some pre-held concepts,  in fact, I have gone to great lengths to understand beyond my self, and I wish only to walk with you a while, however we decide that works, as a clear support for you. I am truly interfaith, and consider myself a Love Maverick. We are empowered to be our best selves, and form ourselves in our beliefs, engaging in our inner development and our communities. 

In safety and love, I am here with you. In your grief, your challenges, your losses, your changes, your self-discovery, your goal development,

in all stages and through care and decades of experience.