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Events. Projects. What's What Where and When. Check it Out.

Contact me for more for more info or with your ideas. 

5 Bodies of Wholeness ™  Deck and Companion Book

inner Outer Backs.png

A project near and dear to me, (as if they all are not! HA) This is a system of exploring our 5 bodies that create our wholeness, the 5 Body Antenna ™  that inform us, ungroundedness as a path to our inner stability in any circumstances, even as a care and feeding guide to ourselves and in relationships, and connecting with nature as a way to be reminded of our place in cycles as a tool to bring us out of our inner twists and caverns. It weaves and culminates decades of work in my practice with clients, speaking, presenting in workshops. It answers the requests of people to have this in-home tool that supports them in a way that I have been using in person and teaching for a very long time. Soon, I will add online courses with meditations and other bits to tie it all together, but each is also a stand alone to meet you where you are creatively and intimately, embracing your own needs and style. There's a lot to do here! But it's all about us, and moving with how we are already designed. Keys to our inner language, our own authority and whispers and our place within our outer connections are always in reach. 


Companion books & Courses in process! :D

Some of the other Where, When, Who's and What's of my Projects and places. Click on the images for more info. I'm always writing, creating, studying, learning, collaborating, planning something. Always.


Newly published - Peek at the cover! A book of original poetry expanding the notion of comm-union, in nature, with ourselves, depression, grief, love, time, spirituality, more. Pre-orders ready to be taken. More info coming soon on digital copies.  Contact me directly to order a signed copy. They're HERE! HERE'S A LINK FOR MORE INFO, and to order direct and have a signed copy while global distribution is being finalized. ​


The back of my newest published poetry collection, Contact me directly for a signed, personalized copy or for any other info and requests.


The Cover of the lead letter press single poem in process before illumination and binding! Such a work of love. Contact me for collecting yours.

Birdi Sinclair-PullPenPaint-2021-KialaGi

Birdi Sinclair -- Want to sign up or get more info? I am excited to announce that I will be teaching in the FIFTH YEAR of Pull Pen Paint with @kialagives and a host of other stellar guest teachers. Pull • Pen • Paint starts the week of March 18th with the first of four VIRTUAL RETREAT style weekends. Registration just opened and Kiala, the curator of this class already has a lesson waiting for you where she teaches you how to make a handmade journal to use during the course.

Birdi-Sinclair - Pull Pen Paint 2021

PPP is about listening to your intuition more deeply, connecting to a long list of tools, techniques, and topics. We use tarot, oracle cards, astrology, numerology, poetry, painting, storytelling, signs, symbols, and systems to strengthen our inner wisdom. We learn to interpret these tools intuitively, journal using our insights, and create from a place of authenticity. Over30 teachers from all walks of life to share their skills.It’s going to be an amazing journey together.

Interfaith Day Flyer-Feb2

What does our faith say about the role of leadership for peace and prosperity in a multi-cultural world? A day of interfaith discussion, roundtable explorations, curiosity led cross pollinations to expand our roles as leaders and companions through compassionate intelligence. I'm speaking and facilitating discussions. A very exciting UN led event I enjoyed speaking and facilitating. Lina Clair/ Birdi Sinclair = Me


A work of love! This is the manifestation of decades of my work into a product that can be used more widely at home privately, with groups, with therapists or practitioners. I'm so excited to create this so it can be used outside of my office and the many conferences and panels I have been sharing these concepts with for so very long. People have been asking me for this forever and I finally figured out a way to do it that feels right. Books, workbooks, classes, and more to come! Stay tuned.

An Original Poem: Letter Press, Hand Bound, Illuminated, Limited & Numbered Edition by me, Birdi Sinclair,

Printed by Tim Dunn of Moonstruck Press


Here's a peek at the process. A lead letter press, from 1905. Very few of these presses exist. Lead is heated to 600 degrees F to create the words that are blocked in frames, and set within the press to print each page of my original poem of a very meaningful experience of a challenged time, that I feel is very relatable. I now will take these pages of this longer poem and illuminate each book uniquely from each other in water colors and ink. I'll carefully hand bind each book and prepare it to be sent to it's new home, where it will be a unique, numbered piece of art for the soul and the collector. It's a once in a lifetime project, really. 

I have  pocket versions printed conventionally as I feel this piece may be one that is for comfort and sharing, and wanted it to be very accessible. Please contact me with interest. I can send one of these right out to you. Lina Clair is another name I have published and worked under. Birdi Sinclair and Lina Clair are everyday parts of my name.