Tarot, Tea Leaves, Pendulums, OH MY‽

Updated: Feb 27

Is one more effective? Safer?

tarot tea leaves pendulums oh my Lina Clair

Do they do different things? Is one more of a portal for cleaner or darker energy than another? How does one choose which to learn, which to receive a reading from? What powers them? SO MANY QUESTIONS! I'm certain I can't answer all of these and more in this one post, but ask away in the comments, and we can address them little by little.

  • To begin, I do not believe one tool is more effective than another. Nor do I believe one brings in darker or cleaner energy than another, even the famed OUIJI BOARD, and yes I too, have my stories, so I know I'm tripping into strange territory by saying this. If it is packaged as "Angel" or "Dark", I still stand by that statement. Everything we do is more about the intention and care or discipline and humility we bring into it, no matter what it is, be it mystical or tangible, wouldn't you agree? If we are willy nilly, things are willy nilly. If we are crabby pots, things are crabby pots. If we are joyful hearts, we have more joyful hearted experiences. Life is lifey, but we bring into and process out of it very different things based on our character traits and what we cultivate with our intentions and practices. A tool is a tool. How a tool is used and by whom, well, that defines how effective the tool or destructive the tool is in the outcome of the task.

  • To choose which to learn is a simple one - Which tool has an attraction or an appeal to you? Is it the art, a cultural tie, a feel? Some natural ease? Your heritage or spiritual background? Start there. Connection is something that begins inside of you. A tool can be seeing something like what clouds show us but in your bowl of soup (a form of scrying) or a feeling when in nature that inspires a knowing, an action or thought (spiritual or psychic insights, clairsentience). What language is speaking something to you, and what tool seems like it is best for the job? A pendulum, for example, is interesting for yes, no, maybe kinds of things. It can also be a needle on a string, a necklace, not necessarily an item purchased. A tarot deck is a story telling tool full of archetypes and rich symbolism, so it is a good tool to have a layered conversation about the ins and outs of a topic. An oracle like a deck, tea leaves and such, is still a conversation, but it may have more of a theme and be like that straight talking aunty. All are tools to move the mind, and spirit in creative consideration. You are ultimately a free agent, a sovereign being, free to explore, discard and consider whatever brings you to consultation.

  • Receiving a reading: A reader may have proficiencies in one or several tools depending on their interests, length of time they've been a reader, family history, and so on. I use different tools depending on what is best suited for my client, but I also came here wired a certain way, had a family who was contemplative mystical spiritual, have a lifetime of learning and experiencing and am a person full of curiosity and academic hunger, so I have a long time of acquiring tool knowledge and self knowledge. This doesn't necessarily make me more skilled than someone who devoted themselves to one or two tools exclusively or experiences information with one or two senses. It matters more our ethics, competencies, kindness in service in whatever we have committed to. Also, most important is knowing why you are seeking a reading at this time and if that reader is aligned with your needs and beliefs. The tools themselves are just tools. If we know how to use them ethically and well, then good.

What powers them? OH MY GOODNESS... We can talk about that endlessly... Let's do that! (comments). Let's start by saying... I don't think anyone knows, even if they say they do... and LOTS of people and organizations have "answers"to this. We can say anything, but does anyone really, really know?? I have my beliefs... but this gets into slippery territory. I believe we are here, in our physical forms, and we can have deeply, authentically informed snapshots through any of our senses, of what we all are connected with, because we all are more than our physical forms. We are always connected in some way to more. We somehow seem to know it. This is why we look to readings, religion, art, music, so many things. It is a way to relieve ourselves and have a moment of homecoming, released from the separation that our physicality creates in us from one another and that intrinsic, primitive knowing that we are indeed more. That our relationships continue, and that we are not separate from others in nature. We are a part of each other, we can feel each other's joy, pain, difficulties, in our very cells. Is it some aspect of Love? Sometimes.

But I believe we know it is much more complex than we have the capacity for. I myself am ok with my smallness, and the mystery. It feels like the impossible question game, really - questions that have no real answers, although I have so many spiritual experiences through my life that I can't even count that are full of love and continuity. I could draw many conclusions from them and be an EXPERT. That makes me laugh, because it's just silly. because an expert in the impossible question game to me is silly. This is a physical realm. THIS is where we are. We have a difficult enough time being HERE. And what a mess we make with those who really seem to be the spiritual experts. We twist their words, assassinate them, have wars, exile them from their countries, or put them up high and buy whatever they sell through their publishing empire. I have no need for this or for language like soul mate, and so on. It can really muddy the waters when we are vulnerable and searching and experts appear. They are so different than guides, companions, and those who would be with you as you begin to understand your own self better again. (Side note, this also applies in my mind to mediumship and spirit communication, although here we're focused more on tools we put our hands on than sessions without tangible tools.)

Where this info comes from? I am content with being my best person each day as a practice of discovery of what this is, each individual is, and I trust that in that path, I will be living to my purpose, leaving space for others to have their own purpose, declining whatever lingo of the day it is of soul contract, akashic records, retrievals, whatever. I am unconcerned. I'm sure my drive, passions, wiring, faith, and cultivation of personal responsibility will lead me to be my best and that will keep me in right relationship with whatever all that mystery is. And when I am not, through contemplative practices, and being outside with birds watching them be birds, I will find my way there. I believe that living in this way is full of its own concerns, duties, and unknowns. If that is universal love as its entity, if that is God, great. If that is the stream that informs us in mystical ways, that is fantastic.

I am not concerned by the potential of meany, yucky disruptions either, things like dark forces or disruptions in my comings and goings because I am empathic, etc, because there is such a trueness in my practices that I feel a steady connection of assurance. This doesn't mean everything in life is always smooth, it means my tools are in order. Remember above, where we pondered tools? Choosing, trusting, matching ourselves with tools or with practitioners with tools?

"How a tool is used and by whom, well, that defines how effective the tool or destructive the tool is in the outcome of the task."

Have some tea, I'm having some. Ponder the leaves, or anything else. I could talk about this stuff all day, but it's more fun to talk about it with someone. I am tossing the subject out here because it is something that comes up often, and it's a hairball. People have strong opinions and deep curiosity and concerns about all of this. So, let's talk about it. Why not?

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