This section may help answer questions that I frequently get asked in each of the categories I offer services. If it leads to more questions or it doesn't answer, ask me. I will answer your questions personally.

Frequently asked questions

Spiritual Counseling

What is a spiritual counselor?

Spiritual counselors offer individuals and communities services grounded in the great faith traditions. While spiritual counseling can take many forms, it is rooted in the belief that the spirit is connected to the mind, body, and emotions. Some may also seek out the guidance of spiritual counselors when they need help solving other problems in their lives, in times of transition, change, loss, confusion decision making, health crisis, emotional conditions, family and marital struggles, and so on. My practices are interfaith, open to all beliefs, or questioning. I am interested in your own process and circumstances and come with no agenda. I will companion you and guide in your own development. All welcome. LGBTQA+, Beliefs, Immigration status, etc.

What is the difference between spiritual counseling and conventional counseling?

I believe the difference resids in a wholistic approach where we look at our spirit as an integral part of our beingness. This does not mean our religion or that I have a religious agenda. This means our morality, our essence, or as buddhism discusses our "essential self" and approaching our well-being through wholeness. At times, people combine conventional and spiritual counseling, finding they are complementary. The approach of spiritual counseling is to speak to the identity of who we ARE, who we know ourselves to be, who we feel we came here to be, and how that may be in harmony or disruption wth our lives, our perceptions, our relationships, our actions, our pasts, our circumstances, our beingness. I am with you.

What is the difference between spiritual counseling and an intuitive or psychic reading?

When in a spirtual counseling session, you are talking, I am quieter, and we are sifting, I am reflecting prespectives back to you on what we are focussing on, and we define some structures or ideas that feel or create maningful options. It is guiding and purposeful. In an intuitive, mediumship and psychic reading, I am doing more of the talking, without asking questions. I am sharing content and details that are relevant, helpful and very personal to where you are in this time. Also purposeful, and speaking to your heart and circumstances through the continuity of your spiritual connections, creating a clarity and sense of what is most needed in that moment.

Are Remote sessions by phone or video calls just as good as in person?

For me, I have been working with people remotely and in person for decades and feel no differences. It is the stuff of connection and air that we are working with. Some people prefer phone because it gives some of their senses a rest from the intensity of screens and they feel they can recline or close their eyes and focus better. Others prefer the visual contact. The big thing is that you are free from interruptions and distractions and that on the other end, we allow ourselves a good time for transitions. We can often forget to provide transition time when we are not "going somewhere" and everything rolls one thing into the next. This fools the emind into being in a subtle anxiety state of go go go, and dumping some information quickly to make room for more because there's a bt of a hurry going on. If we allow time in between things, our system perceives no hurry, therfore, no threats. and we take the brain break to digest our experience. Does that make sense? Any questions? Let's talk about it!

End of Life Doula

Grief and Loss

Intuitive Topics

What is medical intuition?

Medical intuition can be defined differently depending on who you ask, what you read, your own beliefs. How I work with medical intution is directly related to specific body systems, direct information about your body health, environments, supports, test, dietary influences, and so on. This can apply to yourself, your loved ones, and even pets/animal companions. I will not talk about past lives or auras, or angelic realms or use metaphysical-healing language. I will not diagnose or treat. We will talk about recognizable situations, conditions and circumstances in clear details that are relatable and helpful in your specific conditions. This provides guidance, understanding, clarity for you to consider as you make decisions about your care. Any questions about this service, or topic, ask me.

What is animal communication?

Animal communication is helpful with animals companions living or passed to connect with their health, needs, ideas, personalities, preferences, discomforts, fears, relationships, behaviors, circumstances. This is a comforting and guiding way to talk about details I personally would really have no way of knowing, so you know it is cming foorm them. It brings the relationships closer, clears misunderstandings, heals unresolved grief, aids decisions. I do not help find lost animals, and I'm sorry for this. I also do not discuss the pasts of animals who are adopted as there is often no way to validate thisi information, nor is it helpful to them for us to stay in their pasts when they are willing and wanting to move forward, with you. These sessions are designed to be about love and clarity, in being in the present in an uunderstanding and intimate, detailed way, and can be so bonding. Want to schedule a time?


What are shipping policies on art orders?

Depending on where you are located, we will decide on the most cost and time effective, as well as safe shipping options for protecting what you have chosen. I ship quickly, but if it is a custom commission, we will discuss the timing and the shipping per your needs and that of our project. Simple, clear, and good communication is my favorite. I am on the east coast of the US. This may help to guage a little, since you already know where you are. :D

Courses and Supports

How will I know what supplies are needed for any courses?

All supplies needed for any courses I offer will be listed in course descriptions. If there are specific supplies, especially if there are several recommendations, I will supply a pdf for download for your convenience. I feel like this helps to prepare as well as choose if a course is a good fit when I am looking at on line options as a purchaser, and I want it to be as easy as possible for you. You won't have to wait until you sign up to find out if there is anything needed. You can always reach me by email if you have questions.

Do you teach any private classes?

Yes. If you have an idea or would like one on one instruction, or to create your own small group, in something you believe we are a good fit for, contact me with your ideas. Everything I offer on my website in services, art and writing, I have decades of expereince and training in, and I am happy to share with you if it feels like now is the time. You can always reach me by email or phone if you have questions. I look forward to your ideas!


What can I expect after I purchase of an art piece?

A purchase is like an adoption. I very much care for the pieces I create and so will follow through and support your purchase, your commission plans, and your shipping through until it is received by you. We'll decide all the things together so much as is possible. It is a relationship, as art can be, sharing a story and connection in the world in some kind of way.

Are there gift certificates?

Yes, of course! Get in touch and we will arrange a custom gift certificate for art, courses, sessions, a commission. Whatever you have in mind, we can design a pdf gift certificate that is personalized for your idea and your occassion.

Is Everyone Psychic?

Yes, Trust Yourself

We all have antennae, instinct, a "knowing"

Psychic is just a word. Be a part of yourself and the world.