Best ways to be in touch?

Well, clearly, there are many things we can do together. Some things, it's very easy to just click here and do this or that, but for other things, there may be more planning or questions involved. I want you to feel I am accessible and comfortable to contact me.

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We explore. We push the limits, but always care for what matters most
right now. 
~Birdi Sinclair

We work


It starts

with Hello

Vintage Telephone

Yes, the PHONE

All calls go directly to voicemail, but I get an email notification so that I can return messages quickly. Sometimes, a call is much more efficient than messages back and forth. I actually love a quick phone chat to understand and get things done. I'm happy to answer questions and see if there is a way to work things out if my schedule doesn't look like it fits yours according to the booking app. Please remember, that  while I am very dedicated to my work, which means serving you well, I am just a person, living a life, running a business, in EST, and will not be returning calls at odd hours or all through the weekends, although I do meet with people during some weekends. It has to be said in today's now or nothing world. I look forward to talking with you. 


Less is More

Email is great. We can respond to each other in odd hours as our schedules or time zones allow. It is best for clear and specific questions for things about scheduling, product inquiries, pricing, event questions, and so on.

Emails are more time consuming sometimes and can be more confusing too when we are getting into deeper needs and topics.

That is where a phone/video call may be better. But, we have to start somewhere! 

I am the only one who will see and respond to your emails even though I have an assistant who helps with some other things here and there. Our communications are only ours. 

Image by Jon Tyson


Just once in a while, I will have something that seems like a good idea to share. Maybe a helpful technique or something new to offer, maybe even a recipe, because mmm, food. It’s an irregular schedule as time permits. Never spammy, always simple. It’s another way to stay in touch.

My social media links are all new accounts because it took A LOT to convince me get involved in these places. no big mystery. I haven't been under a rock hahah. I just do what I do, but now I'm learning these other things too. Fun.

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