Care Services

If you find yourself doing the  spin we all can do, 

Imagine a hummingbird sitting on a branch. And after this for a few moments, feel yourself stilled, proceed, carrying that sense with you. 

How can we best work together?

I broke this section into categories for ease. They can be combined, or the times can be changed, I have a sliding scale, really it's all a menu to give a starting place. I'm more interested that we have open dialogue so we understand each other. 

As you look and feel your way through this site, your self-knowledge and your situations have the most intimate knowing of who and what you most need, even if  you can't put your finger on it. Maybe you need to create a support village, maybe you just need to tweak the recipe, but be still enough to have some very basic sense of self before contacting me or anyone. It will help you hold your space in the world.

(keep track of hummingbird image in your mind-body, these walking meditations are strong cues to your parasympathetic nervous system)

Ultimately, if we decide to work together, I am here for you. Whomever you invite into this time with you, will be stepping into some of the most personal experiences of your lifetime.

Please explore these pages. Ask me questions and share what you need. We can create the best plan for your unique circumstances.