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Spiritual Counseling, Ceremony, Rituals

As an ordained interfaith minister, therapeutic artist, and a doctoral candidate in spiritual care, I am long time prepared to meet you in grief, loss, crossroads, questioning, planning. We work with your ideas, beliefs, spirituality. I have no agenda but to companion, care walk with you toward your needs and goals. That is the interfaith way. All are welcome, LGBTQA+, faiths, immigrant status, more. We're here together. 

Psychic Medium & More

I am lifelong psychic medium, medical intuitive, animal communicator for animals living and passed, and have been reading tarot and oracle cards since I was a small child, so close to 50 years. My style is evidentiary, very grounded, no woo woo. I am love-based, focused on what is useful, recognizable. No hinky hanky panky. 

End of Life Doula

Certificates in EOL Doula for planning & care for people and animals. As a former hospice nurse and a current chaplain, it is a natural fit for me. From diagnosis, planning, legacy projects, vigil, understanding active dying, ritual ideas & creation, to after care. There is more to talk about here that a doula can support and add to this complex time, It may feel overwhelming, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and this is where a doula can help.

Art Originals

There are several galleries, split into topics. Some commission work, that we design together, and some pieces I created from my concepts. Watercolor, clay, found things, pastels, pencil, ink, tiara, who knows! The details are in the descriptions as we open the images. I love moments as connectors to our inners selves and to each other. 

Grief & Loss Care

Grief and loss is most often connected with death, even animal companion loss, but it can also be related to divorce, health, career loss, loss of a role like caretaker of positions, friendships and relationships, or locations and homes, cultural associations, body identity and so on, These are some of the after loss care topics we can approach in a variety of ways together. Also, assisting couples with amicable separations, divorces . but perhaps finding it a challenge.  

Personal Development

In Book Online, some courses are present, but I am in the process of developing courses, groups, products that will support different areas of the work we do. Feel free to ask me for private options for yourself or groups. I'll update in Wholeness Arts as I add material, and also in other places in the site. My Newsletter will keep you up to date

About Me

Passion in Purpose. I feel like Within Moments is a new chapter mingling my favorite elements of my decades of work. It's important we all take time to reflect and adjust, as we grow and understand the world in new ways. Doing my own work, being stimulated, staying current with my skills, so that I can be fresh and ready to work in partnership with whomever and whatever comes my way is always my jam. I have been working with people online and in person for decades, but this is completely online, by phone and video services and I'm really excited about these ways of serving. I love the way technology has brought us together in such intimate ways. It's my nifty office in the neighborhood of the online spaces.  

The largest influence in my upbringing was Sicilian and the quiet part of my heritage is Ashkenazi Judaism. I am 2nd generation American born on both sides of my family, and I think much of my reference points are about the atmosphere, warmth, care and conscientious spirit that goes into everything in my cultural roots. This is meraki - a little of your soul in all you do. 

My art, writing, spiritual ordination, counseling and beliefs, academic studies, mediumship, end of life doula work, and all that I offer, comes from a rich tapestry of soul searching, experience and love for humanity and nature.

Kids are grown, living far, my dog is a smart, crazy, constant companion, and my sweetheart and I have been together a long time, living a love filled, sometimes silly, curious adventure together. 

Ama la vita d'altro = Love the life of another, ~Birdi

Wild Plant

How to Schedule?

Contact me via email or call and leave a message. OR go to my Book Online page. I offer a sliding scale to anyone who may need it, so please feel free to email me to make arrangements. It's most important that we are a good match for your needs. This matters first.