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I broke this section into categories to make it easier to find what you may be wondering about. And, there will be food references because, well, in my family, as in many, the kitchen, the table, the meals, the preparations, the foods themselves... there is love, and family and friendship and stories, and a hominess like no other. I'm Sicilian. I probably can't help myself.

Ultimately, I am here for you, and what we do together is a bit like a menu, and is working together with some of the most personal experiences of your lifetime.

Please explore these pages. Feel free to ask me what you need to in order to understand how to create the best plan for your unique needs and circumstances.

Flying Lanterns
Flying Lanterns

Why do we create?


Pupa Mia




These are some of my words. What are yours? I just do. Something in me sees something. It's about a moment. A moment can be a place, an expression, lighting, movement...

 And I hope something in you feels it too. 


Isn't that everything?

There's so much. Little things, Big things. So much I've noticed all my life, and some things I can't believe I am only just noticing now. Reflecting them into a piece just needs to happen sometimes.

Click to enlarge a piece and read it more clearly. 

You can tell me what moment they give to you.

I would love that.

© Copyright
© Copyright
Maple Copters -Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts
Maple Copters -Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts

Maple Copters! on your nose? Tossed in the air and let go like crazy confetti! What did you do with them? I was flooded with memories, so joyful, so many senses. It will be difficult to let this painting go. A true adoption. Be worthy parents. (watercolor, 10x14 cp, cotton paper, Original, no prints, Birdi Sinclair) Inquire

Story Iris - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts
Story Iris - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts

Irises were planted and there for decades, and when she passed, her daughter took some to her home, and when she passed, her daughter took some to her home. And here, 5 of them from a field of 50 or so continue to grow. I had the privilege of painting them for her daughter, and daughters to come. Can I tell a story for you? (Sold-10x14 watercolor, cotton paper, Story Irises, Birdi Sinclair, No prints)

Sunrise Sunset - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts
Sunrise Sunset - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts

Red-wing black bird marsh and reeds. Reminds me of sunrise and sunset, spring and fall...those tidal marshes and balmy, breezy quiet times of tween, shared with bird and me. (Water color, cotton paper 9x12. Inquire to add to your collection. Original painting by Birdi Sinclair, prints considered)

Late Night Ease - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts
Late Night Ease - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts

Precious, intimate moment that feeds the soul of everyone and everything. The embodiment of home. What feels like home for you? (pastel on paper study 8x10 Birdi Sinclair)

Grandmas Pears - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts
Grandmas Pears - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts

Bartlett pear, Giant like my courage. My grandmother had a pear tree. They would drop, laden with summer and bees. My job was to fill the metal pail and walk them the treacherous 100' to the compost pile, fearful of shaking them loose from their feast, into my buttery, pear-like flesh before I could tip them and get my reward of wild fennel waiting at the end of the trail of trial. I can't see a pear without it bringing me there. Perhaps it needs a bee? Birdi S. (watercolor, cp, 8x10 original)

Breezy Focus - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts
Breezy Focus - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts

A mood piece. Feeling the moody sky in my lungs, in my hair, lingering just a little as the wind is moving the sky quickly and my skin feels the change coming in the light shifting everything, my senses are awake, everything smells newer. Where are you looking? (watercolor, cp, cotton paper, 5x14, Birdi Sinclair) Inquire if this quick and breezy piece speaks to your changing day. It's how we move through many things, isn't it?

Edge of Blueberries - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts
Edge of Blueberries - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts

The edge of a huge New England blueberry field. Like a portal to another world. Takes my breath away every time I get to be there. I want to just follow that light must be somewhere amazing...I lived with a bird who every morning and night would position himself to watch the sunrise and sunset. Such magic in the light. We all know it. Email me your magical place. Maybe I can fill your space with a bit of magic (SOLD- Birdi Sinclair, watercolor, cp cotton 9x12 original, no prints)

Grasshopper View Dandelions - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts
Grasshopper View Dandelions - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts

There is a lot in this painting that is difficult to capture in photograph. There is a dynamic texture in the paper and a coloring I just cannot create via camera. It is one of my favorites in techniques that I have been enjoying. Dandelions. Simple. Grasshopper View. I love this piece. Inquire to add to your collection (24x18 watercolor, cp. Birdi Sinclair, Original portrait and technique. No prints_

Light in the Woods - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts
Light in the Woods - Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts

Original nature portrait, no prints. Image not revealing all colors, textures and depth of surprises in the original. Inquire for adding to your collection. (24x18 watercolor, cp, unique textured paper technique, Birdi Sinclair - Clair Arts)

Spiritual Art

multi-belief and cultural reflections

All of these pieces have some meaningful and personal connection to a place I've been, someone I know and love has been, something I have learned  or  studied, or something in my family or  personal  practices. I am  deeply respectful of  traditions and histories  that  are not my own, and aware that even within my own roots, there is much I do not know. I wish only love, respect and deep understanding and compassion.

There is a difference between appreciation and appropriation, and I never mean to offend, only to learn, grow, and appreciate. 

If there is something I have made that can deepen your practices, I am most sweetly glad.

If there is something I can create to add to your  practices, Lets'  talk about it. 


I'm busy in my studio creating. I am working on a series of the colors of Buddah and Tara, as well as some Judaica themed pieces which relate to a part of my heritage - all of which I am exploring as a way toward inner and outer peace and unification work in unsettled times. I have so many projects in my books, especially for this space. Please contact me if there is something on your mind. I am ready to hear from you. I love fresh ideas. They are all part of what I do and what inspires my ways.

See you here and everywhere.

In love, Birdi

Annette S.

“There's something special in the mood of Birdi Sinclair's pieces. I have three of them now. They're all different.They're not always pretty in the traditional ways, but they tell a story in a mood that makes me feel just right.

Just for Fun

These are just goofing around bits, because it has to happen sometimes. 

How we stay in touch

We make these interesting together, right?   

It's all about what we create and how to meet each other... Thanks!

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Sweet Kitty - Reference Image -LC Arts

Photo References

Sometimes, all people have to give me are really low quality photos, and from there, I do my best to make a something they can love, if I feel I can even accept the task.

  1. reference image had to be lightened quite a lot to see her details at all

  2. background was terrible, so mood and colors were added per client info

  3. Establishing dimension is always funky! BUT that's what gives fur life and movement, and contours the body

  4. Now we can see her! Hello Sweetheart xo. I feel like I can touch her

  5. Final touches, and now she is ready to return to her Person, who was tearful when he was able to see her again.

Art is magic like that, it is my joy to be a vehicle for something so wonderful

In Bloom