About  Within Moments: Wholeness Arts

What do you have in mind?

Here we are together in this place. In kindness, curiosity and challenges, we learn who we are.
I joke about having bourbon nearby, but really my son just introduced it to me a couple of years ago. WOW, that is really good. (I'm not much of a drinker)

I also tasted kombucha a couple years ago. Wow that is really bad. It's all exploring and pretty great.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Me, lots of things... but In the individual pieces or collections I create, or the pieces we design together,  I hope you will find something that speaks to you in a conversation of wonder and joy, maybe even rebellion, or a private way that has you feeling seen, held, witnessed, inspired, moved, cared for. 

As you look through the different galleries of my works, please know these are just some of the things I have created. I am always making something for someone or just from my own imagination and ideas. 


What you see here is different than what I teach in my Wholeness Arts courses. Those are not about technique, like how to watercolor. The classes I teach use art, writing, book binding and other concepts and materials as a tool for self discovery, expansion, communication, and healing, for all levels of experience and ability. I do not "teach art" techniques in the way you see my work here. These galleries are me being me, for you being you. Connecting the way art does. 

Always feel you can ask to see something more, or send ideas of a project.

We can talk about it.

Explore, here, everywhere. It's such a simple way to get a breath.  Taking an extra pause to engage your senses in ways that you maybe haven't in a very long time. Connect with your inner self, and outer world, regardless or especially when things are going on.

Very settling, and if you don't need settling, it's expanding, enriching...contagious.

Short version:


Noting moments is a brief immersion, grounding us to connect with something more.

Often we mostly blur in our busy-ness of collecting next moments and through the many arts we can pause and meet each other in between those spaces...


...My hands are often messy with: could be anything - and the music is probably on. I'm easily distracted by thoughts of food, world issues, philosophy, or something sparkly. My kids are grown and solid. My man and I are on the other side of the bustle, figuring out this next wave, and it's good. Ask me, I'll share more if you're interested.  

In Curiosity and Love,