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Different than a Photo

Custom Portraits of our animal companions can be in memory of them as well as celebrations of them and sharing who they are. Realistic moments or something more fantastical that shows their personality in a descriptive, imaginative manner. They can be different than a beautiful photo in the way it captures their essence in a wholly special manner. I also have the wild beasties in here, because they are mesmerizing and make me a better human. I paint because I feel something, and there's nothing like animals to move those feels. 

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original cat portraits by Birdi Sinclair

"The detail is extraordinary. Having her  with her favorite blanket, doing what she is best at, and her eyes looking so much the way she looks at us, makes this so special. Thank you. It was so fun to give this as a gift and see their surprised reactions. It was also great to get the updates and watch them emerge as you went through the stages"

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original cat portraits by Birdi Sinclair

"I got this picture of my kitty as a Christmas surprise and it brings me so much joy!! The colors are so imaginative and fun."


Sparkle Vision - 

original cat portraits by Birdi Sinclair


Maddie and sisters

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