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About Me, and You, and all of Us...

What else would you like to know?

Please feel like you can ask me anything about my background, training or philosophy of care. I am happy to have a discussion about these things with you.

Send me an email, and we can arrange a no charge consultation time to discuss whatever you like to assess if we are a fit for your current needs. 

Ama la vita d''altro

Tools and Language

I don't consider myself metaphysical, pagan, new-age, or any of these things, even though I understand them. My aim is always what is happening now, nitty gritty, under the hood, let's connect, to be thorough, and kind, and maybe have a snack, listen to some music, go outside, be a part of joy, and also create, often.

I just am, and do, and it's useful and gorgeous.

. . . . . . . . 

I was raised very early respecting the webs of connection between people, nature, animals, plants, a thread of a universally accessible godliness that binds us together, and manners of communicating with spirit that is native to me, like being multi-lingual. It is this deep contemplative nature, philosophical, wordless wonder and wholistic, loving connection to all that informs me, and is what I have evolved as my inner mystic.

. . . . . . . .

The tools I use, could be anything. As a Grief Specialist, or a Spiritual Counselor, I have tools to help one access richer meaning within their inner selves and their outer experiences. This is a big part of what being an Interfaith Minister means to me. As a doula, companioning the fullness of life, surveying what needs that attention without judgement, and presencing through the moment of death and beyond is such a full amalgam of all of my passions and skills, honoring my roots and ethic, and also a profound experience to be a part of.

The language of psychic, medium, animal communicator, tarot reader, oracle, etc are those common words of the world that begin to describe tools we have available to us, that I am comfortable and agile with, to also do some of this work with you in many sorts of challenging times..

. . . . . . . . 

I don't have better words for these techniques, so I use them, because I love the detailed, and surprising results of the "mystical" work, as do my clients, but I also don't like the woo-woo attachments to it all. It is a service in the sense of a true service, to be that middle connector who participates in an intimate reconnection between my client and all that is. It's an empowerment and a homecoming I witness again and again. What a gift. When people say I am gifted, this is what I feel the word means. Yes, I truly I am.  We share this in our time together and well beyond when we part.

. . . . . . . .  

When we are moving through a time, we have an instinct of what is working well or not for us, even if the strategy is a new experience that we had never considered. It is like "something" is working through someone to create amazing art or music, the word for it is “flow” which I also feel when I create some of my art... (not music. I try often, but it never gets too far. My sweetheart should get some kind of award, what a sport)

. . . . . . . .

 Maybe it comes to you through dance, or a way with animals or plants or mechanical ability, or a "gift" for another thing or way of being and experiencing - where does it come from to come through us?  It is our genes? Did we decide to come here this way? Who really knows! Again, I don't think it's magic. Just precious to be a part of. AND we all are. 

. . . . . . . . 

Some source of timeless Love that is for all of us? 

What we do with our lives, our selves, is also ours. 

We have to be a part of our own stories, even if our outer circumstances are beyond us to control. And that can mean doing things the same way, trying new things, and also knowing that things are always changing.

How will we be in relationship with those changes? 

These are some of the skills I have developed to match my passion in purpose to walk with that very question. 



Becoming an interfaith minister was originally meant to be an adjunct to my devotion as an urban hospice nurse, wanting to respect and understand the diverse population of people I was working with. How people relate in their families, and to their end of life, to animals, weather, food, age spectrums and roles, gender dynamics, spirituality, so many things. I knew from just my childhood neighborhood as a kid in the 70s, differences were important and curiosity was also unifying. I was always a diligent and open student, so it seemed logical, to just go all in and learn.

. . .

What I was not expecting, being a young academic, was how personally transformative it would be. I chose a program that was deeply invested in the interfaith movement as a force and languaging for social change.

It encouraged responsibility through compassionate understanding and care for the other, participating in and understanding rituals, creating space for dialogue, deep listening in times of crisis, and methods for clear introspection to keep a clean and honest inner house in order to be present enough to serve another. I was in my early 20s then and the way it set my thinking, heart, and spirit on a solid path, affirming what I felt I knew in my heart was not only possible, but imperative. It put aside any doubts that loving kindness is the true superpower master key for all beginnings, struggles, connections, resolutions, and my feet were firmly planted inside and out. 

I am forever grateful.


Through out the site, there is more here and there, but remember, I am a real person on the end of this computer, and this is just a door to my office. This means I am accessible to you, open to your questions, needs, ideas. This is why I shared so much about my beliefs and practices, because we are building a community in a whole new way, and we need space beyond marketing ploys to actually MEET each other in these new structures. It's a different way of perceiving a neighborhood of blocks and shops.

I don't think those days are lost but this is also pretty cool.

Please contact me as you would anyone with your questions or needs to see if I am able to help you.

I am ready to see what we can do and open to creative exploration of options and ideas.


I have found myself saying

in all of my hats, through all the years, 

" We are held in the hands of something more.

We are never as alone or even as lost

as we may feel at times."

I believe this with all that I am, in all of my breaths, and every of my many easy and hard earned smiles.

And so, we decide together whatever that may mean...

Kindly, Birdi

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