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life, death, loss, change
 renewal, presence

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DIY Hanging Flowerpots

Meaningful, grounded guidance, creative supports, and original art


Spiritual Director & Coach, 

Wholeness Arts Coach™, Psychic Mystic,

End of Life Doula for people and animals, Celebrant/Ritual Creator, Interfaith Minister, D.Min., Grief and Loss specialist, Artist, Writer, Presenter

Whatever brought you here, together we explore ways to rest, heal, create, discover, grow

Serving You, Your Loved Ones,

Your Animal Companions

via Phone, Video Calls, Virtual Formats


individual, couples sessions and readings, groups 

classes, meditations, ritual design

original and commissioned art 

DIY Hanging Flowerpots

moment: n.
1. a brief period in time
2. a particular point where something happens - particularly important, special, or unusual
3. a short period of time when you have the opportunity to do something

Within a single moment, everything can be different, inside of us, outside of us or both. There are moments that are full of profound beauty and moments that profoundly suck, and everything in between. We define ourselves, our lives, our relationships, and our actions by moments. Our memories and perceptions shift and change by them and our understandings of the world do, too. Understanding who we are and can be are our "defining moments" in an infinite spectrum of shock, upset, joy and satisfaction. We may be awestruck.


When we are awestruck, we may need a space with it. It may even command us to take some space with it because we are so overcome.

A way of approaching awe is through curiosity and care. If we allow curiosity to mix with care, we connect with an inner language for the moments we are in that guide us through and forward.


What we do together brings us into our awe, our wholeness, in practical paths, relevant practices as I companion and support your moments of challenge and discovery. We explore your uniqueness as we guide your inner homecoming. We ask ourselves, Who am I now?


I have many hats to meet you where you are. We have many resources to draw upon, to support your own developing practices and share in a community that is inspired by wholeness.


My hands are always messy and the music is on, so please come on in! I'm never too busy for a cuppa tea and to walk a while with you.


Meraki: A little soul, a little passion in everything we do. Mine, yours, life itself.

Ama la vita d'altro, 



forget me nots-birdi sinclair


What They're Saying




"There are a lot of people doing this. Some very good, some very terrible. I have met too many. There was something about her that I just wanted to try. I am glad I did. She is not like any I have ever met with. Her approach is kind, direct, fresh. It was a very important experience. She said it would be useful and it was. I am changed for the better."

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What's New: Portrait Styles

 Completed! Legacy portrait paintings, of you, a loved one as an essential archetype, from mythology, tarot, literature, heroes/heroines. We incorporate a symbolic interpretation of who you are within the embodiment of this archetype. Look and see! This is me, as I share myself in tarot's Fool, beginning a curious and joyful journey of discovery with all of you, and myself. 

(18x24" watercolor and bits of other things, gold leaf, cold press cotton, signature technique to achieve texturing)


Want more details?

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What's New: Blog