Wholeness Arts

Supporting you through

life, death, loss, change

 renewal, presence

Meaningful, grounded guidance, creative supports, and original art


Meeting you where you are, in your grief, 

crossroads, or ideas.

Intuiting, connecting, companioning

where you're heading.

Whatever brought you here,

together we explore ways to

 rest, heal, create, discover, grow

Experienced, Skilled, Kind, Relevant Care

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DIY Hanging Flowerpots

Spiritual Counselor and Director, 

Grief and Transitions Specialist, 

Psychic Medium, End of Life Doula,

Ritual & Ceremony Creator,

Artist, Writer, Presenter


Serving You, Your Loved Ones,

Your Animal Companions

via phone, Skype, Zoom, (video calls)


individual, couples sessions and readings, groups 

classes, meditations, ritual design

original and commissioned art 

DIY Hanging Flowerpots

About Birdi

passion in purpose

Weaving, building all of my training and skills together into one place, is because I can see and feel the overlaps. They are all ways I feel we can walk together to identify and fill gaps in care many people I have served have presented and asked for over the decades of my career.


As a hospice nurse, I was able to do a list of things in care plan administration and observation, as an ordained interfaith minister, I am opened to areas of spiritual development, community healing, and ritual supporting many beliefs, as a spiritual counselor and therapeutic artist, we address areas of grief, loss, anxieties, life challenges, inner turmoil, relationship structures; as a psychic medium, I again, support navigating crossroads, complex life transitions, death and afterlife communications, health, and animal dynamics; and as an end of life doula, this begins to fill in the spaces more as we can weave in and out of all the spaces of care in a very interesting, personalized, intimate way,  considering legacy and clearing uncertainties, almost like an event coordinator and guide making sure many needs in all categories are deeply heard and addressed, creatively or clearly as possible, for all involved.  

As an artist and writer, I bring layers of depth and curiosity as I explore language and expression of moments that shape who we are for a lifetime, if not generations.

Are you seeing the weaves and overlaps too,

maybe getting some ideas how

I companion you through your difficulties and changes?

These are the languages and walk of my inner mystic. 

Because that's what it's about, what it's always been about. I see and feel how incredibly connected we all are, and no one needs to feel lost or alone. Yet, sadly, that's not the way the world is running. I've committed through my lifetime to finding how to remind us we are never as alone as we may feel.

We can lovingly explore, create and expect a difference.

We are part of this world together.

It's not really more complicated than this. This is what drives me. Maybe it's even a bit of rebellion. Intelligently, not naively, love and kindness wins. As a bit of a love maverick, I believe always it can be the truth, the strongest force. 

I offer a sensitive yet direct method of guidance, teaching, expression that gives a menu to empower people. There is a wholeness within, we instinctually know we are part of each other and even something more ~ more divine, more natural, more incredible, but not magic, just ours. All of ours, regardless of our situations, backgrounds, circumstances.  

 Want to know more about any of these things? There are separate pages about skills for each "title" and more  personal info in the About page. This is simply another way to meet each other, like a door into my office, and I am happy to share so that you may feel your way to see if it seems we may be a match in whatever this tender time is in your life. I'm a real person, just like you, on the other side of this screen. Ready to meet you and work through this process together. 


What They're Saying




"There are a lot of people doing this. Some very good, some very terrible. I have met too many. There was something about her that I just wanted to try. I am glad I did. She is not like any I have ever met with. Her approach is kind, direct, fresh. It was a very important experience. She said it would be useful and it was. I am changed for the better."

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What's New: Portrait Styles

 Completed! Legacy portrait paintings, of you, a loved one as an essential archetype, from mythology, tarot, literature, heroes/heroines. We incorporate a symbolic interpretation of who you are within the embodiment of this archetype. Look and see! This is me, as I share myself in tarot's Fool, beginning a curious and joyful journey of discovery with all of you, and myself. 

(18x24" watercolor and bits of other things, gold leaf, cold press cotton, signature technique to achieve texturing)


Want more details?

Have a read in my blog 


A Peek: Art of Moments